Hi, I'm Raida ๐Ÿ‘‹

Iโ€™m passionate about all things Product and Marketing. I find joy in developing a deep understanding about the problem at hand to create impactful work.

As an ex-perfectionist, embracing result-oriented experimentation over vanity work has been a transformative and rewarding journey that dictates how I work today. SPOILERS! see what Iโ€™m talking about.

When Iโ€™m not working, youโ€™ll find me exploring something, creating digital art, or building wonky pieces of furniture while listening to Electronic music. ๐ŸŽต


Content Writing


Growth & SEO


Branding & Positioning


Market Research


Product Marketing

How did I get here?

We all have a few things in common.. including that we make decisions! Here's mine:

Well-being Intern
Apr 2019
Done with studying all about Nutrition.. time to get my first real "job" ๐ŸŽ‰

I want to help actual people feel better about themselves, and creating wellness toolkits, events, and training for San Francisco city employees sounds like a great way to do that.
Marketing Intern
Mar 2020
Hmm. I feel a strong calling to unleash my creativity and gain real-world industry perspective outside of nutrition.
I'll Just do 6 months of social media content and design, and then I'm back to being a health fanatic.

What's the big deal?
Marketing Specialist
Sep 2020
Whoa! Being the 8th "employee" in a fast-paced startup gave me so much exposure on how things work.

I work directly with the CEO, and there are too many problems to solve in Marketing, Product, and Sales. I can't leave now..
Senior Marketing Specialist
Apr 2022
A lot has happened.. I'm actually leading a team now, and we're creating blogs, campaigns, emails, and a whole lotta awesome things together.

The co-founder and Product Lead asked me to join their team to help solve many problems in the product. So much potential!
Senior Marketing Specialist
May 2023
I learned a ton in Product and UX, and the company is undergoing a pivot that gave me a lifetime worth of lessons. But now things are a little too slow for me to stay. ย 

Let me explore something else. Maybe another startup that doesn't have a Marketing strategy yet?

One-woman show, here I come!
{ your job title }
I feel like I've established a great growth engine already, and the company is trying to focus on sales now.
I'm currently looking for a new challenge to tackle in Product, Marketing, or any intersection of the two. Ya know, a generalist gotta get her hands dirty ;)

Work Projects

Growth โ€” User Research, Usability Testing, and Journey Development

Apr 2022

A chaotic project which taught me that when growth is halted, and the math ainโ€™t mathing, I should go back a few steps, listen to my customers, research, and adjust until it works out.

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More work walkthroughs are in progress... โœ๏ธ

Beyond the Buzz Words

Some of the real results I'm proud of


100% Growth Goals Achieved via Google Ads, On Average

This company had success with Google Ads, but needed to grow quickly. I was able to increase the conversion from Google by restructuring the existing ad groups & campaigns, improving Googleโ€™s learning by feeding it better data of our target segments, integrating Google with our website using Google Tag Manager, and working on a few form and website enhancements that increased website conversion by 79%.

*Budget data points are hypothetical to preserve confidentiality, but the ratio between them is the same.


563% Increase in Instagram Follower Growth in 6 Months

I experimented with Instagram paid campaigns using different targeting, campaign objectives, and methods of engagement. I realized that two of our target segments were super active and present on Instagram, while the rest were not. This helped us focus more on Instagram-friendly content, and consider the target sectors and personas present on Instagram.


50% Instagram Leads Growth + 41% Reduction in Cost per Lead

I experimented with paid campaigns using a variety of different campaign objectives, content, and creatives to understand our positioning with potential customers before doubling down with the full allocated budget. I found out that the audience were consistently intrigued by one value more than others as evident by their website and Instagram form sign ups. These results shifted our content strategy and sales pitch, and allowed us to achieve our growth goals!

Not to toot my own horn..

But I'll happily let someone else do it instead.

Raida is not only a marketeer or a content writer. She helped us understand the market itself by running first-hand user interviews. She is an amazing person to work with, and took our project end-to-end with great results. I highly recommend her.

Faisal Alsaadi

Chief of Staff at Sabbar

Raida is an astonishing marketeer. She goes above & beyond in understanding the value proposition, the audience language, and the creative work to communicate the value proposition to IDP. In a marketplace connecting businesses with job seekers. She did great work communicating the brands values to both consumers and businesses; proving her ability to thrive in both B2C and B2B businesses. Above all, she is a great team player, lives to high professional standards, and a very creative individual!

Ziyad Binsulaiman

Actin Head of Sales and Partnerships at Sabbar

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